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Resident Testimonial

“My mother moved into Emerald Gardens just a month before the pandemic started in 2020. The consistency of the friendly, patient Health Care Aides is the highlight of the care Mom receives. Even with masks on, their good-natured concern brightens her day. They supervise her medication, notice her attendance at meals, greet her in the hallways and promptly respond to her call bell even if she rings it accidentally. The staff working in the Gardens make her feel safe and we know she is safe too.

The complications of care during the pandemic are easing and hopefully we will never go through such a radical time of change again. Considering the regulations, extra resources were put in place and no outbreaks occurred. There were clear, frequent communications to family and residents. Now more than just her designated support person are welcome to visit again and the entertainment for residents can resume.

We are grateful for this friendly facility, knowing Mom is happy when her family can’t be there with her.”

Dr. Marie Moreau