Entering retirement is an exciting time for seniors. You’ve worked hard, and now get to welcome a period of life centred around enjoyment and relaxation. Retirement is a great opportunity to pick up new hobbies, embrace your interests, and spend time with loved ones. You may even feel the desire to seek novel experiences or give back to the community. 

One great way to give yourself the latter is by volunteering at a local Northern Alberta retirement community. Independent or assisted living communities, such as those in the Park Place family, are always eager to welcome volunteers to enrich the lives of residents. Volunteers are often an essential part of each community’s care and service delivery, and they help make a valuable impact.

If you’re a senior currently considering volunteering at a Northern Alberta independent or assisted living community, here are four wonderful benefits of doing so:

1. You can make new friends and connections

As a senior, you typically have a lot more time on your hands for social activities. This is usually a welcomed change. However, it can sometimes feel overwhelming if you’re looking to expand your social circle. Making new friends can feel challenging at any age. An easy way to form new social connections is through an activity like volunteering.

As a volunteer at a Northern Alberta retirement community, you’ll have the opportunity to spend time with other seniors. You may quickly discover that you have plenty in common! One of the main benefits of volunteers is their ability to provide residents with social connection and enjoyment — it’s an added bonus that you’ll be given this in return as well! 

2. It’s an opportunity to develop new skills or sharpen existing ones

You may have several hobbies or skills you’re looking to develop or dedicate time to during your retirement. Volunteering at your local Northern Alberta retirement community could present an excellent opportunity to do this while also giving back to the community

Volunteer opportunities, like those through Park Place Seniors Living, can include a wide range of programs. Many of these are focused on recreational activities like games, arts and crafts, and music. By chatting with a Northern Alberta independent or assisted living community volunteer coordinator, you’ll be able to learn which activities are available to assist with. You’ll likely find a great match and it will be an excellent way to continue one of your hobbies in a meaningful way. 

3. It may provide you with an increased sense of purpose

Many people are provided with a sense of purpose through their careers. As a senior who has reached retirement, you might find yourself missing this feeling. There are plenty of ways to give yourself an increased sense of purpose or direction, but volunteering can be one of the best. 

Lending your helping hands at a Northern Alberta retirement community in your area is an amazing and generous way to spend your time. You will be able to see the impact your volunteer efforts have made on the independent or assisted living community’s residents, which can feel wonderfully rewarding. It’s never too late to experience personal growth!

4. You’ll get a glimpse at what life is like in a retirement community

There is one benefit of volunteering at a Northern Alberta independent or assisted living community you may not have considered — the chance to get a first-hand look at the facilities. Maybe you’ve been thinking about what it would be like to live in a retirement community but are not quite sure if it would be right for you. Through your volunteer work, you’ll gain valuable insight into how these communities function. You will also discover what the spaces look and feel like, and what amenities they offer. 

Even if you hadn’t ever considered moving into a retirement community in Northern Alberta, you might find yourself drawn to the quality of life it could provide. If you’re volunteering within a Park Place community, our staff are always happy to answer your questions or give you more information about your options. 

Volunteer work is rewarding at any age. As a senior, it can be both beneficial and enjoyable to spend your time volunteering at a Northern Alberta retirement community. At Park Place Seniors Living, we’re grateful to all our volunteers and are always thrilled to welcome more.