As you grow older, the concern for your safety becomes more and more important to your loved ones. You never want to be caught in a situation where you require help and you are unable to call for assistance. When you are out and about during the day within the Emerald Gardens Retirement Residence seniors community, you can rest assured that there is someone around in case of an emergency, but you might be wondering how you can receive assistance during the nighttime or when you are alone in your suite. This is where the portable medical alert system comes in handy.

A portable medical alert system provides security, safety, comfort, and a peace of mind to seniors that may suddenly have a fall or medical emergency at the Northern Alberta retirement community. Instead of struggling to find and use a phone, the medical alert systems are wearable in the form of a pendant around your neck.

Here are some benefits of having a medical alert system at a Northern Alberta retirement community

Space monitoring

With the advancement in technology, many medical alert systems also come with environmental sensors which can alert you when there is a fire or high carbon monoxide levels are detected. If you have a really sophisticated alert system, it may also automatically alert first responders and monitoring centers near the Northern Alberta retirement community.  

Convenient & ease of use

Although medical alert systems have the option of coming in wearable smartwatch options, the one you might be interested in at Emerald Gardens Retirement Residence is a pendant. This makes it seem less bulky, and with more discreet designs can even make it seem like a cool fashion statement that is fully functionable should you ever need help. They are very easy to use and usually just require you to press one button.

Immediate response

Due to the nature of the device and what the purpose is, medical alert systems are guaranteed to be monitored 24/7 at monitoring centers and will dispatch first responders as needed. Some alert systems also provide you the option of alerting and/or dispatching family members or emergency contacts. You are sure to get the assistance even if you don’t require medical treatment. 

Provide a peace of mind to family

When you move into Emerald Gardens Retirement Residence, your family, friends, or loved ones might be wondering how you’ve settled in. By knowing that you have your medical alert system with you at all times, they will be able to sleep peacefully and be more at ease. They know that if you ever need something at the Northern Alberta retirement community in case of an emergency, you will be safe at the quick press of a button.

Make sure to confirm with Emerald Gardens Retirement Residence on which medical alert system they recommend at the Northern Alberta retirement community.

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