Grande Prairie is an excellent city that offers a wide range of activities suitable for individuals of all ages. It is an ideal destination for seniors who desire to remain lively and self-reliant during the summer season. If you have a penchant for staying active, acquiring knowledge, or enhancing your overall experiences, Grande Prairie is a fantastic city that caters to all these interests. Continue reading to discover various ways in which you can ensure both you and your family are entertained throughout the summer.

Register for a Program

City of Grand Prairie offers many different programs and activities everyday that you can register for based on your interests. Each of their facilities have an assortment of activities such as swimming, fitness programs, sports, arts and crafts, and many more to choose from. These activities can be enjoyed with family and friends, or even by yourself. In addition to this, Grand Prairie also offers many volunteering opportunities and special services for seniors.

Participating and volunteering with other seniors is a great way to give back to your community while also being able to meet new people.

Visit a Museum or Art Gallery 

Grand Prairie is a city filled with a lot of history; therefore, it is a great idea to spend some time at a local museum such as The Grand Prairie Museum, or an art gallery such as The Art Gallery of Grand Prairie, to enrich your perspectives and experience the city’s culture. 

The Grand Prairie Museum is a fantastic museum that opened in 1970. The museum focuses on preserving the pioneer history of the city. There are currently over 55,000 items in the museum’s collection. The galleries feature permanent exhibits from the prehistoric era, the first homesteads of the Peace Region, and modern times. Throughout the year the Isabel Campbell and Mel Rodacker Gallery feature rotating exhibits.

The Art Gallery of Grand Prairie is one of the largest Free Admission galleries in Western Canada. The gallery’s permanent collection consists of 750 works of art that were almost exclusively created in Alberta in the mid to late 20th century. The gallery also features many new exhibitions throughout the year as well.

Enjoy a day at the Park 

If you are looking for a free activity that is good for the whole family, your friends, or even just yourself, consider taking a trip down to South Bear Creek Park. South Bear Creek Park is a large park with several walking trails, a golf course, volleyball courts, and many beautiful shaded areas to have a picnic under. 

The park also has an RV ground and camping space. This is a great place to spend time and meet new people during the summer months.

Visit the theatre

Are you a theatre fan? Visit Grand Prairie’s Live Theatre to watch a production. The theatre features plays, concerts, films, and other events throughout the year. This year they are celebrating their 60th anniversary and have many shows and events happening in celebration. The theatre also has classes where you and your friends or family can learn acting and performance skills as well!

There are always fun things to do in Grande Prairie no matter your interests or experience level. Enjoy one of these activities with your family and friends, or take yourself on a date and enjoy it alone. 

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